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  Jenna Richards was born and raised in Southeast Idaho (Shelley). After graduation while working and studying photography on the East Coast she was diagnosed with Lyme disease after suffering a tick bite. Her health quickly deteriorated, eventually forcing her to leave the job she loved and quit her photography program halfway through. Before becoming […]


After the sudden and tragic death of her husband, Craig, on a white water rafting trip, Cindy was left broken, afraid, and vulnerable. An investment gone bad turned a tragedy into a disaster. As she struggled to navigate her new life, she questioned others intentions, her own abilities and self worth as well as the […]


Melinda Page is a horticulture graduate. That’s four years of studying plants that she’ll never get back, she says! Fortunately she loves plant science and has been able to use her knowledge and creativity to build a successful floral business, Flora. Within the plant realm she has done everything from floral design, greenhouse jobs, event […]

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